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Program Banner 2017 Reading Program

May 29th - August 11th!

Summer reading Starts May 29th!!!! Register Today!!!!

Summer Reading!! Summer Reading Online!!!! That’s right my friends, you can read and earn prize just by reading this summer!!!

It’s Simple!!!


1. Sign up for the program now!!!
2. After to sign up, log-in to your account!
3. Enter the minutes you are reading!!
4. Earn prizes all summer long!!!

Sign up or Sign in Below!!!!

It’s simple: Earn points and collect badges for doing all kinds of stuff over the summer just by reading.

Earn points for every minute you add to your reading log. Every 100 points you get you earn a prize at the front desk!! It's that easy!


Don't forget to join us for:

Library Awesome programs all Summer Long!!!


Mad Science Mondays - Mondays at 3pm

Comic Book Club - Tuesdays at 3pm

Healthy Snacks - Wednesday at 4:00pm

Game Hacker - Wednesdays at 5pm*

*Sign-up Required, Space Limited



App Tester - Thursday at 3pm

Lego Learntime - Fridays at 1pm




TGIF - Fridays at 3pm


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